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Tunisian Aerospace Association Industries
Presentation Gitas and Aerospace industry

Created in 2006, the GITAS (Tunisian Aerospace Association Industries) is a group of companies having in common

- To be settled in Tunisia

-  Activities in aeronautics and space

Currently, there are 51 member companies GITAS spread over four geographical zones :

- The Greater Tunis

- The Sahel (140 km from Tunis)

- Soliman (35 km from Tunis)

- Zaghouan (60 km from Tunis)

The objectives and tasks of GITAS are :

- Encourage exchanges, collaborations and synergies between  aerospace companies in Tunisia 

-  Promote the development of a Tunisian aeronautical supply chain.

- Represent the profession with Tunisian authorities.

- Promote in Tunisia, the development of a favorable environment for the aerospace industry and the establishment of new companies in the field

Activities GITAS members include:

-Surface Treatment

- Machining and precision mechanics

-  Sheet metal cutting and assembly

- Engineering and design department

- Electronics

- Foundry

- Plastics

- Aircraft Maintenance

- Wiring Aeronautics

- Equipment and aeronautic systems

- Aerospace Tools